Computer Repair and Networking

Networks are no longer restricted to wires.  The long range wireless computer networking is here.  Using the new modules offered today we can connect computers up to 5km apart. Service large area outside and in with wireless networks.

I have worked with technology all my life from the Atari 800, Commodore 64 in the 70's to the Quad-core windows 7 computers of today.

I have helped businesses with file nomenclature, file management, international networking, to networking computers and printers across the nation.

I fix computers, networking and teach computers. I looking for Marketing, sales and business opportunities in the North Hastings, Maynooth and Bancroft, Ontario

You can reach me at 613 338 3440

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Earl Liverseed Enterprises

759 n Baptiste lake Road

Maynooth, On K0L 2S0

613 338 3440

Serving Hastings Highlands, Bancroft, North Hastings, Maple Leaf, Lake St. Peter, Faraday, Barry`s Bay, Canada and the United States.


Web Design

Take control of the web, with a WEB PROFILE

WEb circle ELE

Setup; Email, Facebook, Twitter, Website, Blog,

A Google profile is important to help customers find you. Let us build your profile so you can be found.Social networking is changing how we see the world and interact with it.  I believe web sites will start to evolve, the convergence of social media and your favorite Photos.  The Website “Blog“ will connect you with your family, friends customers and suppliers.Your photos reached a new record on Google Maps! b_w

Web Hosting

To host your site at a and get started contact us.  Site can be hosted. Up 24/7 with serves around the world for your safety.


Cell Phone Boosters & Amplifiers

Mobile Booster

Car, Truck, Van or Boat

Cellphone mate 1 car images

Small Office, Home

 or Cottage

Cell Booster Cottage

Larger Home

3,000 Sq. feet

Cell Booster house 2000 sqft


and Apartment

Cell-Booster Condo 267

Large Store 

Factory, Warehouse

Cell Booster Factory 2


All carriers and Data

For large Home, Store, Office

 Your cell phone,stick or Hub is the answer Increase your coverage 10X See the Survey page. If you want your area surveyed contact us.